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MyData Rewards™

Earn Cash From Everyday Browsing

MyData Rewards™




You should be the one to benefit from it.

If you love to shop and socialize this browser is for you. Online shopping, watching videos and surfing the net give other browsers and search engines lots of ways to make money/dividends from your data.

Now you can take control and get paid for sharing your data anonymously.
You choose: Get cash for sharing anonymous browsing data or don’t share anything. It’s up to you.

Cocoon is the only browser to give users the opportunity to share their data and make cash money from it easily and anonymously.

We have built Cocoon on the open source Chrome framework to give you the best experience possible where you can utilize all your favorite extensions.



We are not set up to sell data belonging to users whose IP address is outside the USA at this time. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be solved with a VPN...both the device and the IP address must be in the USA. We will announce new markets as they open up. Thanks for your interest in MyData Rewards™!

The company behind MyData Rewards™ is Virtual World Computing. Our flagship product is Cocoon, a secure, cloud-based browser that completely masks user data from third parties. We saw an opportunity to provide users with the power to take back their data from big-name browsers and choose between complete privacy online or a way to cash in on their browsing data, and that became MyData Rewards™ from Cocoon.

After an initial 45-day period to establish your account, you’ll earn in monthly increments, which you can track on your Cocoon homepage. To avoid handling fees, the balance of your earnings will be deposited to the PayPal account you provide on a quarterly basis, on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 every year. More options for cashing in your rewards may become available in the future as we expand the program further.

That depends on the quantity and the quality of the data you generate. We estimate that the average user should be able to make between $150 and $300/year. Cocoon will do everything in our power to maximize your rewards. In order to provide this service, Cocoon will retain 15% of the profits from selling your data. The remaining 85% goes to you!

We use your e-mail address to create your account and to contact you for any issues that may arise with your MyData Rewards™.

It is not. We carefully remove all PII (personally identifiable information) before we pass the data on to a buyer. If total privacy is more important to you than making money from your data, we recommend downloading the original Cocoon browser at getcocoon.com/download. In the future, the two features, MyData Rewards™ from Cocoon and Cocoon Stealth Mode, will be available on a single browser.

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