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We want you to make the most of MyData Rewards™ and earn more cash with everyday browsing. Here are 3 tips to keep you in the green.

1. Quantity: Earn more by using the browser more.

Generally, the more Web pages you visit the more you can earn, with some exceptions.

Keep in mind, we cannot monetize browsing data of financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare content, or adult themes.

Don’t forget to set your computer so Cocoon MDR™ is your default browser. Since no other browser will pay you for your data, make sure you only use Cocoon MDR™ for all of your browsing.

2. Quality: Earn more by visiting top tier sites.

Top tier sites are websites that have lots of traffic and therefore lots of advertising. This increases the opportunity for the advertisers that are buying your anonymous data to show relevant ads on these sites. Increasing the advertising opportunity by visiting top tier sites should in turn increase your earnings.

3. Variety: Earn more by visiting different kinds of sites.

Monetizing browsing data allows companies to better understand people’s interests for advertising and marketing purposes. So, the more DIFFERENT sites you visit allows them to better understand people and thus makes your data more valuable.

Please note, we cannot monetize data if unusual activity is detected, such as refreshing the same page over and over. This is to prevent fraud and ensure the best experience for all parties.

With all the news, social, and shopping there is to browse, your cash rewards are endless. We hope these tips help you maximize your Cocoon MyData Rewards™.

No. We need to be sure the data collected was from users within the location they are in physically and VPN's can interfere with this. In addition, the use of a VPN, or any sort of proxy, is not permitted when using PayPal.

By default, Cocoon MDR, asks you when a site wants to see your location. To let the site know where you are, choose Allow. Before sharing your location, review the site's privacy policy. In settings, you can choose to share your location with all sites or block all sites.

Change your default location settings:

  1. On your computer, open Cocoon MDR.
  2. At the top right, click MoreMore(icon looks like 3 vertical dots), then choose Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
  4. Under "Privacy and security," click Content settings.
  5. Click Location.
  6. Turn Ask before accessing to off to block the popup alert on all sites.
Learn More:
Since Cocoon MDR is a Chrome-based browser, you can learn more here:
If you use Google as your default search engine on your phone, your location is used by default for your searches on Google.

We are now available worldwide!

Users worldwide can now monetize their data in coutries with payments supported by PayPal. See for local requirements.

However, for each platform and location your data monetization may vary, please note the chart below to determine what data monetization is available in your country and device.

Your monthly earnings are deposited into your Cocoon MyData Rewards™ account as seen on the dashboard under Available Balance. New earnings are added to your Available Balance, usually on the 1st of every month, and then available for immediate transfer to PayPal. You have two options to CASH OUT and transfer your balance to PayPal:

Transfer Option 1: Automatically, Every 3 months

The easiest option, all you have to do is enter your Paypal account on the Cash Out page once, then every quarter on January 1, April 1, August 1, and October 1 we will automatically transfer your balance (if $3.00 or more) to the Paypal account you provided.

Transfer Option 2: Anytime

You can also choose to get paid anytime. Just click Redeem Rewards from the dashboard, and then click on the CASH OUT button.

The fine print: The minimum balance you can transfer is $3.00, and new accounts must wait for an initial 45-day period before the first transfer.

Please note, transfers may incur a small fee from Paypal.
More options for cashing out your rewards will be available in the future as we hope to expand the program further. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know.

That depends on the quantity and the quality of the data you generate as well as the current market rates which vary from season to season. Some users make hundreds of dollars per year, but many factors will affect the rewards for users in different countries worldwide. Please be assured, we will do everything in our power to maximize your rewards so Cocoon MDR can pay you the most cash possible.

How does Cocoon make money? In order to provide this service and keep developing new ways for our users to earn rewards, Cocoon will retain 30% of the profits from selling your data. The majority of the profit, the remaining 70% goes to you!

For Windows users, if you encounter a Setup Warning please be aware this is a known issue and we are working on fixing this bug. In the meantime, its best if you don't close out the browser, instead just leave it open. Otherwise you will need to reinstall the browser and login each time after closing the browser. Thank you for patience as we work diligently to resolve this issue.

You can quickly find what you’re looking for on the Internet with the following instructions.

Search the Internet
  1. On your computer, open Cocoon.
  2. In the address bar at the top, type your search.
  3. Click the result or press Enter.
Search within a webpage
You can find on a web page a specific word or phrase.
  1. On your computer, open a webpage in Cocoon.
  2. At the top right, click More and then Find.
  3. In the bar that appears in the top right, type your search term.
  4. Press Enter to search the page.
  5. Notice any matches will appear highlighted.
Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + f (Windows) or ⌘ + f (Mac) to quickly find a word or phrase.
Search words or images
You can find more info about a specific word, phrase, or image on a webpage.
  1. On your computer, open a webpage in Cocoon.
  2. Highlight a word, phrase, or image.
  3. Right-click it on your computer. Hold Ctrl and click if you're on a Mac.
  4. Click the option to search for it with your default search engine. For example, you might see something like "Search Google for 'domestic' " or "Search Bing for this image."

The company behind the Cocoon MDR™ apps and MyData Rewards™ is Virtual World Computing. Our legacy product is Cocoon Secure, a privacy and security focused, cloud-based browser that completely masks user data from third parties. Our dedication to improving the end-user′s Internet experience has now shifted to help users take back control of their data from big-name browsers and empower them with a way to cash in on their browsing data easily, and that's why we developed Cocoon MyData Rewards™.

We use your e-mail address to create your Cocoon MyData Rewards™ account and to contact you for support or notify you of any issues that may arise with your account or our services.

No. The Cocoon MDR™ app collects anonymous behavioral data. We do not collect any PII (personal identifiable information), for example, first and last names, email addresses. In addition, you always have full control and can easily turn data sharing on or off at any time.

We collect anonymous behavioral data to be sent to our data buyers, we do not collect any PII. PII is personal identifiable information, for example, first and last names, email addresses (unhashed).

Also, we do not monetize or share any data generated by user visits to websites of financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare content or adult themes.

Advertisers, researchers and other third parties who have an interest in understanding consumer and societal behavior across different demographics.

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