Virtual World Computing, LLC
5425 Hollister Ave. Suite 160
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

About Us

Founded in 2008, Virtual World Computing is dedicated to improving the end-user′s Internet experience, our mission is empowering that trusted experience by ensuring personal information is secure and enabling them to monetize their online data easily.

The legacy began with Cocoon Secure, a browser that pioneered new levels of privacy and security and has now expanded to a new app, Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards™), giving users control over their data with an unprecedented way to monetize that data without sacrificing privacy. Cocoon MDR™ is an industry first, enabling users to cash in on a billion-dollar business of online data monetization.

Our Team

Jeff Bermant
Founder & CEO

David Amaral

Kevin Bright
Director of Advertising & Affiliate Sales

Larry Speck
Director of Marketing

Megan Birney
Director of Marketing, Nonprofits

A note from our CEO, Jeff Bermant:

Finding new ways for win-wins is what my business career has always been about. A couple of years ago my son said to me, “Dad, do you realize your data has value? And guess what? You are not earning a single penny!” It dawned on me, not only was I not being paid for my data, but millions or should I say billions of people were being left out. With a little research, I was astounded at how much money companies are making off your data. For years, browsers and search engines have been collecting your data making billions of dollars selling it. So, with so many people being left out, I thought we should do something.

I believe that since it is your data, you deserve to get paid. So that is why I created MyData Rewards™ from Cocoon. Now you can decide, whether to cash in on the sale of your anonymized data or keep that data completely private.

Cocoon is proud of its legacy, as for over eight years we have been providing privacy and security to users around the world. Now we are changing the Internet once again, this time allowing users to easily earn cash by sharing their data anonymously.

Finally, our company’s commitment is to you, our users. We appreciate you trying our browsers, and we are committed to improve your experience and increase your ability to profit from your browsing. I’m proud to say, we are a data company who is all about earning money FOR the user, NOT FROM the user.

Best regards,

Jeff Bermant

CEO of Virtual World Computing